Gluten Free Prefilled Communion


Prefilled Communion Cups with Gluten-Free Wafer &  Grape Juice 

Gluten-free prefilled Communion cups contains both elements: individually sealed prefilled juice cups plus gluten-free wafers

  • Personal serving is sealed for your protection.
  • Packaging provides peace of mind and confidence that wafers are safe from the risk of cross-contact with all common food allergens.
  • Baked from a recipe of garbanzo bean flour, potato starch, tapioca flour, whole grain sweet white sorghum flour, fava bean flour and palm oil.
  • Measure 1-3/8 inches in diameter. 
  • Best before date of up to 5 months

Prefilled Communion juice cups and wafers are easy to transport and 100% sanitary.

  • Concord grape juice is naturally gluten-free and allergen safe
  • Refrigeration required to extend life
  • Cup fits in standard Communion tray
  • Easy to open - No waste
  • Easy setup – easy cleanup
  • 100% sanitary disposable cups are recyclable
  • Concord grape juice from concentrate, filtered water, potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate as preservatives. (All natural flavour and colour comes from the grapes.)

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